TRNG9815 USB True Random Number Generator

The TRNG9815 is a general-purpose USB true random number generator intended for game servers and lotteries. It can also be used in other demanding situations in science and simulations.

All Number-Processing Included

The TRNG9815 is a fully computerised random number generator, including the most advanced methods for on-line testing of random numbers. The unit include a comprehensive self-test, that guarantee correct operation of the hardware. It is also easy to extract raw random data and write customer specific tests. The TRNG9815 is delivered with a signed Windows driver; for Linux the corresponding source code driver is included in the Linux distribution.

Easy to Install

The unit is intended to be plugged directly into an USB-port on the host server, eliminating the attachment cable, that can emit radio frequency signals. Such signals can open up an avenue for game cheating, security issues or other problems. The correct operation of the unit can be tested and established using several test commands, including commands that read direct raw unprocessed samples and also include information on the sampling DC level of the detector.

Complex Cryptographic Prosessing

We process the output from the TRNG9815 using a non-algorithmic cipher, that is especially configured for the random-number-generation application. A detailed report on the internal structure and the number processing steps is available to our customers.

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TRNG9815 Drivers & Compabillity

  • Windows 64 bit USB driver For Windows 7/XP/Windows Server
  • Windows 32 bit USB driver For Windows 7/XP/Windows Server
  • Windows drivers are digitally signed
  • Linux driver is included in the Linux distribution
  • Most UNIX-style operating systems also have drivers; Open-BSD, Free BSD

TRNG9815 Production & Availabillity

The TRNG9815 is stored in semi-ready form, and final assembly takes place at time of order. The web shop list the current number of assembled units, that are ready for immediate shipping. For a large order, we may need a few weeks of lead time.

TRNG9815 Future Updates

We plan to develop the TRNG9815 into a product especially devised for game applications where a deck of cards is used; Poker Game Servers is what we have in mind. By integrating the TRNG9815 unit more closely to the customer's application, certain advantages can be gained, that cannot be implemented in software inside the game server. Please contact us if you intend to buy the TRNG9815 for use on a Poker-Server.

The idea for this improvement originates from the Lotteries & Gaming Authority Malta.

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The picture show a spectrum of the output from the analogue amplifier up to 200kHz. There is a 25dB attenuation at lower frequencies up to 40kHz. This help protecting against low frequency disturbances, that could otherwise block the amplifier.

Photo Bo Dömstedt Electronics 2008


The picture show a narrow band around 2MHz, to illustrate that the noise source is completely without structure. The width of the band is only 1KHz.

Photo Bo Dömstedt Electronics 2008