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Shipping Information Shipping Information
The shipping address must be correct and complete. You must provide a correct postal- or Zip code. The only exception would be if postal codes is not used at all in your country. Please note that EMS or UPS shipping computers will make a look-up, to check that your shipping address match the postal code. USA+Canada customers must also provide the "State".

If your address don't fit into the computer format, write an approximate address including your country and region so the computer correctly calculate the VAT/Tax; then provide us with your correct and valid shipping address in the field Add Comments About Your Order. If the computer address fields are not complete and valid enter NO SHIPPING at some field to indicate this. Adjustments as these are common typically for shipping to Asia; kindly please enter a complete and valid address if you can do so!

Kindly provide a phone number to the receiver of the shipping for the shipper. We also include your purchase order number on the shipping, as part of the shipping address, if available.

All our EMS shipments can be tracked on-line at When the shipping leave Sweden, tracking is no longer possible at "Posten". To find your local post service look here. If you think there is a problem, try calling to your local post office, and ask, as they likely have a fully implemented on-line tracking system for internal use.

It is OK for us to ship to an alternate or temporary address, such as building site, hotel, exhibition, or similar. We require that your purchase is fully paid in advance, and you must also take the full responsibility of receiving the shipping, so it don't get lost. We also need your complete office address for our accounting.

There are special application areas where our customers don't want to include their official company name; there can be many explanations for this. Due to that all electronic communication is montored and saved, my recommendation is to order our products by a snail-mail letter, and suggest to us the instructions for shipping and payment that you prefer, depending on your needs.

Shipping deadline is approx 16:00 for the EMS shipping.

UPS Shipping Problems
There is a problem with UPS shipping, and overnight shipping is generally not possible. If you prefer to pay all shipping costs on your own UPS account, please contact us to avoid delays in shipping your order. Please consider another shipping alternative. Expect an extra day's delay when using UPS shipping.

Emergency shipping will go by Jet Pak. They have very fast shipping and a late order deadline of approx 17:00 ... and also a high price-tag! You must phone us immediately, if you have a panic and you require this service (+46 70 658 79 70). You can not file for the service in the on-line shop. JetPak don't support all countries.

Taxes and local fees must be paid by you prior to receiving the shipping. We cannot investigate, or inform you, on such local practices, laws, or fees. The fee/tax is not included in the price of our products.
The server make an attempt to actually implement the regulations for when the Swedish VAT should be added to your order!

All orders are checked manually before any products are shipped.



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