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Return Policy and Product Guarantee Return Policy and Product Guarantee
We try to maintain most favourable return and guarantee policy possible. Kindly contact us before purchase if you have any special requirements.

In case your products are fully paid, and you have previously paid all your invoices on time, you may request to return some of your products to us for a refund. The refund will be credited to you on future sales of other products.
If you are late on the invoice and don't need the product, you may not return the product, and if you do so this will not cancel the late invoice.

If you want to test a product we occasionally grant, by a separate agreement, a test period of 90 days, so you may return the product before your invoice expires (90 days). If the invoice expires the product is sold.

The return policy don't apply to CD:s, cables, and similar items.

We never refund any shipping or handling cost; you shall also expect to pay for the return shipping.

We guarantee our products to be operational for a period of two years from sale. In case you buy products soldered with lead-free solder, the period may be shorter. In case you damage your products due to an accident or fire, you may return them for a "repair"; and we will replace them to a lower than normal rate.


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