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Invoice Payment Policy Invoice Payment Policy
You may select an Invoice Payment in the list of available payment methods. You write your PO number and other information in the field Add Comments About Your Order. The flexibility of the invoice payment make it ideal if you have some special agreement, order non-standard products, or order by a special discount price list that the server-computer don't support.

We normally don't accept an invoice payment for a new customer for the first order. If you have bought from us previously you may remind us by including your old invoice date or other information to make it easy for us to find your previous invoice.

We cannot accept an invoice payment (credit) for a large order. The limits will depend on the customer's previous order history and other factors. We cannot accept credit card payments for these "large" orders either, as a credit card payment can later be revoked.

We expect the invoice to be paid in time. A customer that don't pay the invoice in time will be reset to advance payment status, most likely indefinitely.

The invoices will be paid serially; received funds will clear the oldest invoice first.

Only one unsettled invoice may exist for each customer at any one time. When you order again, if this is within the invoice credit period, your previous invoice must be paid immediately prior to shipping of your second order, even if this second order is also by invoice.

Due to currency conversion we never receive the exact invoice amount on any invoice payment. We would like to inform our customers, that an equivalent amount is OK, in any reasonable currency.

The cheque payment is only recommended for settlement of an invoice. Kindly avoid a cheque payment for an advance order; we must wait 45 days to clear a company cheque.


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